Welcome to the Old Order Mennonite community of Piney Meadows, MN!

Piney Meadows doesn’t really exist, but we wish it did! If Piney Meadows were real,  when you got there you would feel like you’d stepped back in time, to a time and place where life was slower, but not necessarily simpler.

The people of Piney Meadows enjoy some of the conveniences of modern living, but choose to live their lives in old-fashioned ways. Community is important, not just for everyone to know what everyone is doing, but to share and pray and help each other when needed.

But just because they are a close community, that doesn’t mean that everything always runs in harmony or that life always goes smoothly and without problems!

You’re invited to come, visit, and enjoy Piney Meadows, I think you’ll be glad you came.

The Path To Piney Meadows is a finalist in The WORD contest, sponsored by The Word Guild – results TBA June 2014

Book 3 – THE PATH HOME (release date TBA)

Todd, Chad’s friend from Minneapolis has just won some money in the lottery, and suddenly everyone is his new best friend. He needs time, and space, to find his priorities and think of how he’s going to spend his money. Going to Piney Meadows worked for his friend Chad, that’s where Todd goes, too. Life is simple in Piney Meadows, and there, his money isn’t good for much except buying groceries.  He meets Rebecca Fehr, who is looking for a quiet, hard working Mennonite husband. Todd doesn’t intend to be either, but will the worst match become the best catch?


THE PATH TO PINEY MEADOWS starts where THE NARROW PATH ended, with the arrival of Chad Jones into Piney Meadows. For Chad, this is both a culture shock, and an escape that he desperately needs. Will Mr. City Mouse blend into the culture enough to win the heart of Miss Country Mouse?


THE NARROW PATH starts the series when Miranda Klassen needs a change that takes her away from the big city of Seattle to the village of Piney Meadows, where she feels like she’s been transported to Little House On The Prairie with cars. Well…. one car, anyway…

For more information on other books by this author you’re invited to visit Gail Sattler’s website.

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  1. Diana Wiens says:

    I enjoyed both of your books “The Narrow Path” and “The Path to Piney Meadows”. The chickens in the story were hilarious. Please let me know if you write any more stories of the Mennonite people.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Diana! I do plan on writing more stories of the Mennonite people living in Piney Meadows, I’m just not sure when because right now I’m working on a 3-book series for Harlequin Heartsong Presents. Maybe I’ll be back into Piney Meadows next. I’ll keep everyone posted on my future projects on my main website at http://www.gailsattler.com

  2. Bobbie Howard says:

    I loved The Path to Piney Meadows book! The chickens alone makes it worth reading. Laughed out loud a few times over the love of them by Chad! Too cute!

    • admin says:

      I had such fun writing about the chickens! I live in the city, and one of my neighbors has chickens, I hear them clucking often. Fortunately they are hens, no roosters. :)

  3. Betty Wiebe Phillips says:

    My daughter emailed me that a book, The Narrow Path, was available as a freebie. I downloaded it and enjoyed it. And chuckled at the name of one of the principles. My brother’s name was Theodore Jacob Wiebe, aka Ted Wiebe. We lived in western Kansas. Ted was a member of a MB church all his life. I left the MB’s when I met a DTS seminary student who was a baptist.

    • admin says:

      That is so fun, that your brother’s name is the same as the hero of my book. I hope the tie-in with the name brought back many happy memories for you.

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